First things first….. yes, I crochet and drink tea, and no, I’m not a granny.

I first learnt to crochet when I was 8 years old, when my mum taught my sister and me how to crochet Granny Squares. The plan was to make a big blanket from the squares, however once I realised I had made perfect blankets for my Barbies, my contribution to the greater cause was null and my crocheting days were over.

That is, until half way through 2015, full of pregnancy hormones and blissful ignorance of what motherhood would be like, I decided to make my pending little babe a blanket. With a quick brush up on my skills via YouTube, I was on the way to creating my first blanket since the 90’s.

While I didn’t quite get it finished before her arrival, I did manage to pick up my crochet hook again, when Pip was a few months old. Lost in a sea of nappies, feeding and broken sleep, making these pretty little knots became my haven, my creative outlet and my therapy during those early months of parenthood.

Since then, my crochet hook has hardly left my hand; partly because I may be slightly obsessed, but also because my friends kept falling pregnant one after the other, providing the perfect opportunity to expand my repertoire beyond my Barbie collection and develop my crochet magic.

So, what do you need to know about me?

-  I am a total perfectionist (great for my products, not so great for my sanity at times)

-  I believe a good cup of tea, can fix just about anything

-  I am a wife to Scott and mum to Pippa (the owner of the first Crochet Coloured Glasses blanket)

-  In our house, we name everything! (Have you met Steven? He is a blanket you will find in my collection)

-  I colour code the books in my book shelves and the clothes in my cupboard

-  You can always rely on me for a very pretty, handmade baby shower gift

-  I have crochet rules – I only use quality yarn so that it both looks and feels amazing; if I’m not enjoying making it, I stop; and, perfection perfection perfection!

-  I would love to inspire and create a community of fellow ‘crocheters’

So, here I am in my own colourful world of yarn, with a dream of making crochet cool again, creating pretty things for beautiful babies. Creating, perfecting and gifting these crochet pretties started out as a creative outlet for me (one I didn’t even know I was craving), and has turned into a really lovely space for me to indulge in excessive crocheting.

Whether you’re looking for your own little one, a gift for someone else, or you're a photographer looking for beautiful props, I know you will find some beautiful pieces here, and hope it inspires you to learn how to crochet too, as everything is better when you see the world through crochet coloured glasses.

Larissa x