Octopus Comforter - Custom

Octopus Comforter - Custom


Although designed with premature bubs in mind, these octopus comforters make the perfect gift for all newborn babies, and have been made according to strict guidelines so that they are safe to use when in NICU.

Used worldwide, the Preemie Octopus comforters have been proven to:

  • Remind babies of the umbilical cord - clinging to the tentacles help them to feel safe and calm

  • Deter them from pulling out their monitors and tubes by providing something else to hold on to

  • Result in improved breathing, increased regular heartbeats and higher levels of oxygen in their blood.

  • Help them to focus while breast or bottle feeding

Handmade as per the NSW & ACT Octopus for a Preemie Guidelines:

  • 100% cotton yarn

  • Tight stitching

  • No embellishments or raised embroidery

  • Firmly stuffed using 100% polyester filling

  • Head/Body length is between 6-9cm

  • Tentacles are between 16-22cm when fully stretched

  • Handmade in a pet-free and smoke-free home

Additional Notes:

  • This item is made to order, please allow 2-5 working days. 

  • Custom colour requests can not always be guaranteed, but I will discuss any changes with you before completing.

Care instructions:

  • If being used for a premature baby in NICU, it is highly recommended that you wash the Octopus first

  • Hand wash or place in a laundry bag and use the gentle/delicate cycle of washing machine

  • Do not tumble dry

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